Our products

Our products

Get the most value out of your machine data

Plasser & Theurer Connected GmbH connects track maintenance machines and their operators to an information and knowledge unit through data-driven thinking.

The intuitive, easy-to-use IoT application is based on the perfectly harmonized software and hardware which can be installed on any track maintenance machine. This leads to a comprehensive information flow from the machine to the user. The machine information is available worldwide in real time and creates diverse and new opportunities for maintenance and repair of machine fleets through machine condition monitoring, long-term observation, and operations planning. At the same time it helps operators achieve significant cost savings and efficiency gains in their fleet maintenance. Prompt reactions on changing conditions can be achieved more easily. 

The solution of Plasser & Theurer Connected consists of three components:

The MachineDataConnector [MDC] is the hardware installed on the  machine that collects the machine data and sends it to a central data base via a mobile data connection at regular intervals.

The MachineConditionObserver [MCO] is an integrated machine information system that makes all machine information available on a central browser-based platform.

The digital service booklet, the MachineMaintenanceGuide [MMG], provides always up-to-date service information digitally available on the smartphone.

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